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Reshaping the Future

We’re changing the future of Patient Service Programs (PSP)

  • PSP sponsored by manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, devices, diagnostics, and other clinical products.
  • A business built around imagining what progressive, efficient, and cost-effective patient services looks like.
  • Making drugs affordable and accessible by simplifying the process.

  •  Our platforms and our values will bring your brand to life in the marketplace, reshaping the patient experience.

  • Market access solutions for manufacturers to serve patients in all sites of care

Our platforms

A NEW affordability platform and market access solution
for manufacturers
The power of infinite technology to maximize access to
your brand across the life cycle

IFX Check

An integrated pharmacy solution for electronic eligibility verification and real-time prescription benefits

Take control of
access, and

Identify market access and
affordability strategies for all sites of care

Secure your competitive
edge with advanced
remittance solutions,
transparency, and robust data-driven reporting

Mobilize delivery of care through provider networks, communication, fulfillment, and
patient resources

Connect with the power
technologically driven
program optimization