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InfinityRx is an affordability program administrator. We deliver progressive, efficient, and cost-effective Patient Service Programs (PSP’s) and advanced technology solutions to healthcare organizations, so they can empower prescribers and drug service providers to furnish value-added services to their patients. Our service programs help patients achieve their therapeutic goals while cultivating growth and profitability for our clients.

Reach beyond the clouds

InfinityRx uses its Infinity Brand Loyalty® and InfinityRx Claims Processor® platforms to reshape the patient experience through novel solutions making it easier for the patient to afford the care they need. We are passionate about inspiring pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers, and all others who share our commitment to join us in changing the future.


Board of Directors

Yuriy Davydov

Chairman of the Board

Greg Savino, PharmD.

Board Member & CEO

Arthur Gukasyan

Board Member

Executive Team

Rick Ford

Chief Product Officer

Abbey Chakalis

Chief Information Officer

Technology Partners

Robert Mohr

Co-Founder & Partner, LogiSolve, LLC

Melissa Brown

Project Manager, LogiSolve, LLC

Gregory Brandt

Lead Architect, LogiSolve, LLC