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Contact: Abbey Chakalis
Phone: (516) 604-0716
Email: abbey@InfinityRx.com


A Strategic Initiative that Taps into the $8.4 Billion Affordability Market

New Hyde Park, NY – March 31, 2022: Rx Holdings, the parent company of InfinityRx and
eScript360™, acquired Biocel Access Solutions, realizing the complete design, fulfillment, and
delivery of Patient Service Programs that are sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Biocel Access Solutions is a consulting group that has served specialty, compounding, and home
infusion pharmacies and is led by Richard (Rick) A. Ford who is also the former Vice President of
Market Access for Trialcard.

Rick joins the executive team at InfinityRx as Chief Product Officer and continues to lead Biocel
as President. With over twenty-five years of experience managing specialty drug interests on
behalf of manufacturers, health plans, clinicians, and pharmacies, his tenure and experience with
companies such as Novartis, Trialcard, Express Scripts, Caremark, and Transamerica Insurance is
strategically aligned with delivering a formidable and innovative solution to the pharmaceutical
industry. Biocel is strategically positioned to defend against the diversion of manufacturer
assistance payments and also mitigate the impact of these programs on Best Price reporting. In
Rick’s capacity he will also have a commanding presence in guiding the InfinityRx IT development
team in remaking the revenue model and delivering the technology to support it.

Greg Savino, Chief Executive Officer at InfinityRx shared, “Rick’s subject matter expertise spans a
broad range of issues that affect specialty pharmacy, infusion services, manufacturer sponsored
HUB and affordability programs, provider revenue cycle management, market access, and much
more. Many of Rick’s professional qualifications are anchored by a strong background in
insurance operations and health plan benefit administration. We are pleased to have him join
the executive team and welcome his ability to address the outer limits of creativity in addressing
today’s most important challenges.”

“As the President of Biocel, one of my primary industry concerns is addressing pharma’s interest
in “copay accumulator” and “copay maximizer” programs operated by health plans,” Rick
commented. “These programs divert proceeds paid by manufacturers to assist patient cost-
sharing expense from the intended use to a use that benefits health plan interests.” They may
also have a detrimental effect on industry drug revenue because of the impact these programs
have on manufacturer Best Price reporting pursuant to the CMS Final Rule scheduled to take
effect January 1, 2023. Rick added, “…it’s time to think outside the box before we are in the box.”

Biocel is designing solutions for emerging challenges, InfinityRx administers over those solutions,
and eScript360 will deliver. Working synonymously to support their clients – pharmaceutical,biopharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers, their combined service solutions and
advanced technology help patients achieve their therapeutic goals while cultivating growth and
profitability for their clients.

Rick will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress, April 25-
27, at the Ritz Carlton in McLean, Virginia, and at the Patient Assistance & Access Programs event,
June 28-30, at the Sheraton Parsippany in New Jersey. Representatives will also be attending
Asembia 2022 in Las Vegas where all interested parties are invited to inquire about an
introductory meeting. Please direct all inquiries to Abbey Chakalis at abbey@infinityrx.com.

About Biocel Access Solutions
Biocel Access Solutions, located in Orlando, Florida, is a design and advisory service group that
supports pharma manufacturer sponsored Patient Service Programs. Through the innovative
design and development of Affordability Program Services, Market Access Strategy, and
addressing Compliance and Budgetary Management issues, Biocel challenges some of the
industry’s most demanding endeavors and their value in maintaining programs that benefit the
patient. Visit us at BiocelAccess.com.

About InfinityRx
InfinityRx, headquartered in New York, is an affordability program administrator representing
Patient Service Programs sponsored by manufacturers of drugs, devices, diagnostics, and other
clinical products. Connecting with all sites of care through advanced technology, and removing
all barriers with novel solutions, InfinityRx empowers prescribers and drug service providers to
furnish value-added services to their patients. InfinityRx is passionate about inspiring
pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers, and all others who share their
commitment to join them in reshaping the future of healthcare. Visit us at InfinityRx.com.

About eScript360
eScript360 is a non-commercial pharmacy and the gateway to patient access programs.
Supporting patients throughout their journey of care while serving manufacturers of
biopharmaceuticals and other clinical products with patient access solutions to therapy for all
disease states. Empowered with expertise, digital assets, and an individualized perspective and
approach to treatment, eScript360 offers the essentials to remove obstacles, efficiencies to
expedite care, and a better patient experience to deliver comprehensive therapy. Visit us at