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Contact: Abbey Chakalis
Phone: (516) 604-0716
Email: abbey@InfinityRx.com


InfinityRx Reshapes the Patient Experience with Patient Service Programs that Address Affordability in all Sites of Care

A New Affordability Platform for Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and Other Clinical Products

New York, September 22, 2021: InfinityRx, an affordability program administrator, announces the launch of a new, progressive, efficient, and cost-effective suite of Patient Service Programs (PSP’s). Representing the brands of our clients – manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics, and other clinical products – InfinityRx platforms reshape the patient experience through novel solutions making it easier for the patient to afford the care they need.

The Infinity Brand Loyalty® (IBL) platform navigates the patient to a healthier outcome through:

  • Patient affordability solutions that make it easier for prescribers and drug service providers that deliver value-added services
  • Access to infinite channels of distribution designed in collaboration with all interested stakeholders
  • Improved adherence by meeting patient demands for cost-efficiency, expedited delivery, and product support
  • Market access solutions for manufacturers to serve patients in all sites of care by creating high-performing and cost-effective programs in collaboration with a network of industry experts.

With the added power of infinite technology, InfinityRx Claims Processor® (ICP), is the gateway to a tower of data and support services that include:

  • Remittance and reimbursement solutions
  • Programs that offer copay, discount, and free drug processing
  • Fraud, waste and abuse oversight and protection
  • Custom reporting, dashboards, and analytical reports
  • Visibility into everything, in real-time, on-demand.

IBL and ICP provide service programs and the technology that help patients achieve their therapeutic goals while cultivating growth and profitability for their clients.

Nicholas Opalich, Chief Executive Officer at InfinityRx, is a PBM executive with over 25 years of industry expertise. Nick’s leadership and strategy has channeled the team to focus on service solutions and technical applications that matter today but will also take us into tomorrow. “All you have to do is look ahead to 2023. Manufacturers need to understand the implications of CMS best price revisions, accumulators and reimbursement issues, and align themselves with partners that have solutions now.” Nick joined InfinityRx in early 2021 with a commitment and passion to reshape the future of Patient Service Programs.

Members of the InfinityRx team will be attending the Asembia 2021 Annual Pharmacy Summit, Las Vegas, in October. If you would like to connect, contact Abbey Chakalis at abbey@infinityRx.com.

About InfinityRx:
InfinityRx delivers patient-centric affordability programs and technology solutions to healthcare organizations so they can empower prescribers and drug service providers to furnish value-added services to their patients. InfinityRx uses its Infinity Brand Loyalty® and InfinityRx Claims Processor® platforms to remove industry barriers through novel solutions that make it easier for the patient to get the care they need. They are passionate about inspiring pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers, and all others who share their commitment to join them in changing the future.